Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness Boot Camp is a group-based exercise program designed to burn fat, tone muscle, and whip you into shape as fast as possible. The goal is to achieve incredible, measurable results in very little time!

A variety of calisthenics, resistance training and cardiovascular exercises melts fat off your body and strengthens muscles.

We use group dynamics to motivate and inspire you to achieve your fat-loss and fitness goals. Positive encouragement and team spirit will motivate you to challenge your limits and achieve new levels of fitness and health.

Our routines stimulate fat burning and increase your metabolism for long-term fat burning. You'll shed those excess pounds faster than you've ever imagined.

"I truly love Show Me The Fitness. The work outs are fun and always different. Eduardo is a great trainer. He helps you with any question regarding fitness and nutrition, so that you can achieve you goal of losing weight and getting fit. I've been going for a few months now and I'm noticing the difference and getting compliments from friends and family. I feel great and look great! It's amazing!! The people in the class are fun and friendly."


Burbank, CA

"Show Me The Fitness is a step above what I've seen out there. The focus is not just on working out but also on the importance of nutrition and lifestyle. I received a complete nutrition guide and I can truly say I am getting the whole package!"


Hollywood, CA